Grignolino d’Asti DOC “Testabalorda”

Grignolino is an autochthonous wine produced in small quantity in Monferrato area. Red light in colour, low alcohol content and very delicate bouquet and taste, with notes of rose and white pepper. It’s the perfect red wine to drink chilled as aperitif or with light dishes.


Variety: 100% Grignolino

Vineyards: located in Monferrato area. Grape yield of 8 tons/hectare. Manual harvest.

Winemaking: temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation with short maceration on skins. Then ageing in steel tanks for at least 6 months.

Alc. Content: 12,5–13% vol.

Tasting notes: red light colour and nose very delicate hinting at rose and white pepper. The taste is smooth and soft with notes of strawberry and raspberry.

Pairing: ideal as aperitif and with light and delicate dishes. It’s best if drunk chilled.