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Aresca Winery

In the Monferrato hills,
the heart of

The vineyards are located in the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato Wine District, a unique territory recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here the hillsides covered with vineyards bear witness to the ancient tradition of grape production on a land that soon revealed itself for the great quality of its products.

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Quality and sustainability

The vineyards are being cultivated with respect and care so that quality wines can be obtained, respecting the territory of origin. The spontaneous grassing in the inter-row areas, treatments limited to the minimum necessary and hand-harvesting are just some of the prerogatives we have chosen for the management of our vineyards. All the stages of vinification are under the constant supervison of winemakers. The wines are produced with the respect of tradition and represent the quality and uniqueness of the territory.

panorama su vigneti

The WINE is an agricultural product
that goes beyond the oenologist's signature

Attentions, combined with passion and constant improvement, have led the Winery to distinguish itself on many occasions, making the ``Merlò``, ancient nickname of the Aresca family, respected wine producers, famous throughout the Piedmont area. THE WINE is an agricultural product that goes beyond the oenologist's signature. According to the Winery's philosophy the shared and consolidated goal being indeed the intent to produce wines respectful of the territory of origin, without compromises and focusing only on autochtonous Piedmont grape varieties.