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In 1952 Luigi and Piero Aresca’s brothers gave the origins to the production and the sale of wines, this activity was born in Mombercelli, a fertile Asti countryside. Here the hills covered by vineyards are the testimony of an old tradition of the grape production on a land known for the high quality of its products, becoming the excellent place for Barbera d’Asti and other wonderful wines.

The time and the success imposed an increasing of the factory, but we maintained the family traditions as all the inhabitants of the Monferrato province. Frankness and kindness invite us to shake hands towards people who are interested in our wines and their history.

In our production we have the classical Monferrato wines and some of the best piedmont wines made with our own grapes or from the grapes of selected suppliers. The work in the cellar is made with the care and the passion of the traditional methods together with the new technology.

Our intention to respect the tradition of our work and the great value of our products is also expressed in our relationship with our clients by making the direct sale delivering to all the north of Italy by confirming the idea to follow the precise behaviour of the past by respecting the high value of the importance of the human relationship.